Drum Mixing with Jakob Herrmann Part 1

Beginners + Advanced
Date and start time
Jul 23, 2021, 1:00:00 PM UTC
01:00 h
Online studio workshop
This workshop is streamed live and will be available as a recording in the Online Campus.

After Jakob Herrmann has covered the topics of drum preparation and drum recording in the previous workshops, this workshop will now focus on mixing. As a producer, engineer and drum tech, Jakob Herrmann has worked with artists such as Anthrax, In Flames and Europe.

The workshop will be streamed live from the Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg!

The first part can be seen as a public livestream on YouTube; the following part 2 (from 4:30 pm) is exclusively available for HOFA-College students in the online campus.

Foto by KJ Melgoza

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