BPM to ms

Converting BPM to milliseconds

Some delays or other time-based effects don’t offer the possibility to use beats per minute (BPM). The delay needs to be set in milliseconds. The BPM usually state how many quarter notes are played per minute. In order to find the duration of a quarter note, you need to convert the BPM to minutes.

The following formula applies: 

¼ note (min) = 60 / BPM

The result is in minutes. In order to get milliseconds, you can use the following formula:

¼ note (ms) = 60000 / BPM

With the result you can calculate other note values as well.

The calculator makes this a lot easier:

Beats Per Minute (BPM):




Whole note in ms:  
Half note in ms:  
Half note triplet in ms:  
Quarter note in ms:  
Quarter note triplet in ms:  
Eighth note in ms:  
Eighth note triplet in ms:  
Sixteenth note in ms:  


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