Producing Basics Part 2

Date and start time
Aug 7, 2020, 2:30:00 PM UTC
02:00 h
Online studio workshop
This workshop is streamed live and will be available as a recording in the Online Campus.

In this workshop you will learn all the music production basics to be able to implement your musical ideas quickly and easily in Ableton Live 10 & Logic Pro X.

HOFA tutor and audio engineer Tim Segewitz graduated from the ICON COLLECTIVE Music Production School in Los Angeles in 2018 with a Professional Certificate Musician, Artist & Producer and has been working as a producer, ghost producer, mentor and mixing and mastering engineer ever since. For HOFA-College he works as a tutor and audio engineer for workshops, video tutorials and mix analysis.


Part 1  of this workshop will be streamed live on YouTube, Part 2 will be streamed exclusively in the HOFA Online-Campus.  It will be permanently available for HOFA-College students on the Online-Campus.

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